Personal Styling


Whether you want to make a good first impression or a lasting one, your appearance is key.  How you look not only influences how you are perceived, but also how you present yourself to others.  It’s no secret that when you look good on the outside, you feel better on the inside.  And when you feel good about yourself, you’re able to project an air of self confidence that others are sure to notice.

Working with me, you’ll be on your way to gaining a new self-image.  After a complete analysis of your current lifestyle and individual needs, I will create a personalized profile and plan for your makeover.  More than just a one-time trip to a stylist, I will work with you to select the most appropriate hairstyle and make-up, as well as to develop a wardrobe with close attention to color, fabric choices and more.  I can help both men and women face each day with a positive outlook, bringing out the best in you.

I love working with people.  I especially enjoy a lifestyle change – not just a new outfit but the entire picture, from tweaking your wardrobe to a complete makeover.  With reasonable rates, I’ll work within any budget.  I offer a complimentary initial consultation to assess your needs.  I want to know all about you.  It’s not just hairstyle or wardrobe – it’s health, attitudes and what your passion in life is.  Some people are stressed and not happy.  When your self-image improves, people look at you differently.  I tell people to relax and have fun.

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